Monday, June 22, 2020

Role Women Society Paragraph Summarizing The Information Obtained - 550 Words

The Role Of Women In Society And A Paragraph Summarizing The Information Obtained (Annotated Bibliography Sample) Content: Compare and contrast essay-The role of women in societyStudents NameInstitution AffiliationGiuliano, P. (2015). The role of women in society: from preindustrial to modern times.CESifo Economic Studies,61(1), 33-52.According to the author, the role of women in society has changed from preindustrial times to modern times. Women in preindustrial times focused on activities and tasks that were confined within the homes while men carried out tasks that were outside their homes. In agriculture, women mainly practiced shifting cultivation because it ensured that they remained at home while many engaged in plough farming that was considered to be more tedious. However, the differences in gender roles in these two agricultural regimes have remained persistent in some societies where polygamy is still practiced and the rights or freedoms of women are not entirely guaranteed.Zylfiu, G.B. (2016). Albanian intellectuals opinion on the role of education in improving the position of women in society. Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Science. Vol. 2 No. 3The role of women in society has been enhanced in the present day. Women are now able to do jobs that were predominantly meant for men. However, the place of a woman in society remains below that of men. Women remain subdued in society and are still treated as second class citizens in Albania. This is due to other ills in the society such as forced marriages, lack of education opportunities for all and retrogressive laws. It is the responsibility of women themselves and the society in general to rise up and fight for their rights especially by promoting education. The author posits that education is the only tool that women can use to show that they are just as good as men.The Financial Express (2016). Role of Women in society. Retrieved place of a woman in society has change d over time which has also transformed their roles and overall impact in society. According to Sarkar (2016), the modern woman has taken up more roles and is no longer confined to the kitchen as before. For instance, majority of the senior leadership positions in the government of Bangladesh are currently held by women. Women have also excelled in sports, that was initially a preserve of men. It is expected that the position of the woman in society will continue to be strengthened so that they positively contribute to the development of the society.Analysis and use of the information in the essayThe information from the three articles shares similar aspects and also offers some divergent views on...

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