Monday, February 3, 2020

Investigating Employee Misconduct Research Paper

Investigating Employee Misconduct - Research Paper Example This research will begin with the statement that employee misconduct is a usual occurrence in many organizations. Employers always hope that cases of employee misconduct will not arise, but they are always proactive in setting a compliance committee.   The compliance department takes the critical responsibility for ensuring that all the employees uphold the ethical values defined by the organization. The compliance committee usually receives reports of employee misconduct. After reception of the reports, the committee focuses on investigating the validity of the reported claims. The committee also involves legal investigators, who bring their professionalism, ensuring that the misconduct claims receive the attention they deserve. Usually, failure to investigate employee misconduct may reflect negatively on the public image of the organization. Therefore, organizations have to conform to the existing legal frameworks while conducting investigations of employee misconduct. Employee m isconduct denotes several acts that contravene the ethical and legal laws that define an organization. Some of the misconducts include: Disclosure of information to the wrong party Misappropriation of assets and resources Unauthorized use of personnel and resources Forging of documents Alteration, mutilation, and concealment of documents Authorization or reception of payment for goods not received Disclosure of information to the wrong party Intentional misstatements Accepting or seeking additional benefits from contractors, vendors, and partners Failure to report misconduct Fraud Different forms of corruption

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